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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 10: Stewardship – What It Is and Is Not

During this 3 mile stroll, we talk all things Stewardship. While navigating through road construction, weed whackers, and the occasional dog, we delve into what Stewardship is and what it is not in this first part. We talk time, talent, and treasure, and how we all have something to give since none of it is ours, anyway. And while we encourage you to support your parish and diocese, we do not harp on that so much as talking about where your heart leads you – where God leads you – to give of yourself so that He can give more of Himself to you. We also share some of the exciting things that are happening on Next week, part two is all about how it works, with some stories about how it worked and still works for us.

And if you are inclined to include us in your stewardship plan, we are glad to help you serve The Lord in that way. Just go to Thank you!

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