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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 128: Taking Kids to Mass – Age 7 and Above

How do we take kids to Mass after they have achieved the Age of Reason; after they’ve received First Communion? Beth and Kristofer talk about how to help our newly enlightened children better understand the Mass. They talk about their own trials and errors and explain the need and importance of taking these children to Mass. This episode fits with the episodes from early in our production that addressed younger children and teenagers at Mass, and how to approach those situations. Sorry we left out the middle child for so long!

While not all of us have seven year-olds and older, we all know people who do, and it is important as a community to help those families get their kids to Mass and help the while they are at Mass.

Explaining the Mass to kids of this age is important, and a part of the Mass experience; as well as getting them involved in ministry.

Many Altar Corps start accepting kids in third or fourth grade. Most ministries open up to kids by the time they get confirmed and involvement in ministry should help them grow closer to Jesus. Taking young kids to mass is important to preparing them for their future in the Church and helps keep them involved the future of the Church.


Listen to our episode on taking younger kids to Mass. as well as getting teenagers to go to Mass.
Also, check out our This Week Mass Warm Up. It helps you better understand for yourself and explain the Mass and liturgy to others, including these kids. Taking young kids to mass and explaining it to them is one of the most important things you can do as a parent or parish community member.

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