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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 17: Talents

In this walk, we talk talents. Not the 22 pounds of silver from ancient times, but the Talents God gives us and that are going to come up when you attend Mass this Sunday. Jesus talks about the money, making a not-so-veiled promise, and we discuss what a talent, or gift, from God is, how we can discover ours, why we get them, and what we are supposed to do with them (Hint: It has to do with the Final Judgment – are you a goat or a sheep?). This episode works in conjunction with This Week’s Free Thing, which we’ll link to here when it is released tomorrow. Or you can go to the main page of TWFT and see when it arrives. We offer a great exercise during this walk and talk that you can do alone or with your family…but beware, the way to GUARANTEE its success is revealed here, so if you are going to have your kids listening, you migh want to shut it off and listen on your own right around the 34:22 mark, where Kristofer says, “Let me give you a sure thing.”

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