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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 143: That’s The Resurrection We Believe In

You have to believe in the resurrection to be a Catholic. But what does that mean? In this episode, we get into this specifically, invoking Pope Benedict, and our own pastors, Father Brian Eilers and Father Will Rooney in the process. We dive right in on this topic that Beth sprung on me…but I put her on the spot to pick a topic. It was Easter Sunday when we recorded this, and we accidentally reveal Pope Benedict’s D&D level. Having some fun while we wait for our potatoes to marinate and our ham to cook, we hope you enjoy the faith formation in-between my distractions. If you stick around, you’ll hear us talk about the resurrection of Holy Owned and Operated. – Kristofer

So many people saw Jesus after the Resurrection, there is no legitimate or credible way to deny it. How do we approach this in our daily lives; how do we deal with this reality? The reality is that it is different from Lazarus’ resurrection. Lazarus died again. Jesus is alive! And that is the promise we can believe in and expect for ourselves. That’s why we are On the Road to Perfection; why we can be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect.

The Resurrection is a BIG DEAL. We hope you believe that.


We are Easter People is the episode we refer to early in the episode.

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