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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 73: Laity

What is our role as laity of the Catholic Church?

As laity, we need to recognize how crucial we are to the family of the Catholic Church. This week we take a leisurely stroll on a beautiful day in the neighborhood, discussing what it means to be the family of The Church. More specifically, what it means to be The Church. As the laity – the common folk, regular, run-of-the-mill members of the Church – we are so significant that the Church would not exist without us! Seriously – every priest and religious comes from the laity!

We edify you, our sibling in this grand family called the Catholic Church. WE – you and I, the laity – are the Universal Church. There is no “hierarchy” in our Church, no militaristic leadership or organizational structure. Even priests do not HAVE to move to a new parish if they do not want to – that’s guaranteed them in Canon Law! Our only structure is as a family. And we discuss that with deep respect for all our familial perfection and understanding of our family dysfunction as the laity of the Catholic Church!

This important discussion about the laity of the Church edifies all of us little people, and explores what we can and should do as laity and members of the largest family in the history of the universe. A little Mr. Rogers and some Bobby McFerrin to accompany us on this beautiful day in our neighborhood, Kristofer gets a bit philosophical at the risk of causing you to stop listening, and Beth makes some theological points in layman’s terms. Thanks for joining us, neighbor!

Only a few musical interruptions from Kristofer this time – and Beth joins in one of them!

2:40 Mr. Rogers Theme
24:13 Don’t Worry, Be Happy (Bobby McFerrin)