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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 45: The LORD’s Prayer

The Our Father is a beautiful prayer, and we need to better understand what exactly we are saying. Mama and Daddy have explained this prayer a lot to many different people, including me. And the thing that always comes as a shocker is that little word, “as,” if we do not forgive people, God won’t forgive us.


Well, because to hold back forgiveness breaks The Golden Rule, which is a sin. However, only through giving forgiveness can we receive it. We will be welcome into the Kingdom of God, as long as we keep our word. When we pray the Our Father, we make many promises, and if we break any of them, we commit a sin. A reminder, though, that God’s love is perfect, unlike ours. He may still forgive our trespasses even if we never forgave the fourth grade bully that pushed us into the mud – but you may not want to rely on that in case that happens to put Him to the test. I hope this episode helps us all be more forgiving!

If your not sure how to pray, listen to OTRTP episode 8: Family Prayer: What and How.  Or if you need a refresher on the Lord’s Prayer you can see it here at

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