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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 55: The Mass Part 1

The Mass is complicated, and getting ready for it is more so. So what is good clothing to wear? Well, I suggest men wear frilled collars, black coats with long coattails, pocket watches, stovepipe hats, and other accoutrements, while women wear bonnets, floor length dresses… Sorry, I’m a bit old fashioned. Our Modesty Podcast covers that topic nicely.

When getting children ready for Mass, it takes a long while, the toddler wants to dress himself, the teenager want to wear those skull earrings, the baby had an accident, etc. Getting up early for it, or going to evening Mass, will help you be ready on time. This Weeks Free Thing! is available for all to be prepared for it, it comes out every Tuesday and you can sign up for our newsletter for FREE!

Enjoying Mass can be difficult, especially with little kids. But don’t fall for the trap of leaving them at home with a babysitter. Jesus said “Let the children come to me.” And so we should, I personally (teenager with old fashioned views speaking here) like seeing kids at mass. For more on this, you can listen to our taking Your Kids to Mass podcast.

When in mass, genuflecting, signing with Holy Water, and other practices and gestures should be done with respect and dignity. Our Eucharist Podcast has a powerful anecdote from Bishop Mike Sis in it that will perhaps make us all act more reverently when genuflecting.

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