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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 56: The Mass Part 2

This is episode two of a two-part podcast on the Mass, you can listen to the first podcast if you missed it!

From Introduction to Conclusion, the entire Mass is important. The Creed is a very special prayer, and we hope to have some information on it soon! The Mass is the most important celebration in our catholic faith. We receive the Holy Eucharist, we gather as a community, and we join the heavenly hosts in praising God. So we should dress properly! This is covered in our modesty podcast.

Little kids can seem like a nuisance, but Jesus said “Let the children come to me.” So we most definitely should. We cover how to take care of these little bundles of Joy/fireballs in taking you kids to mass podcast.

The Our Father is a very important part of our faith, that’s why we have an Our Father Podcast!

For exactly what we should do when receiving Communion in Mass, visit

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