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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 117: The Perils of Halloween

Is Halloween the Devil’s Holiday? Is it bad to go trick-or-treating? In this episode of On the Road to Perfection, Beth and Kristofer discuss “The Perils of Halloween” and what it is as both a secular “holiday” and a Catholic celebration of the Holy Saints. They answer all of our questions about Halloween, and what we can do and what we shouldn’t do.

Beth and Kristofer explain that the “fun and games” of Halloween are just that; there is nothing wrong with dressing up or going trick-or-treating. But they do remind us of the limits, and warn us about what the Devil does want to do to us not just on Halloween, but every day of the year.

Remember, it’s important to have fun! And stay safe. Let it be a fun social event for people of all ages, and there’s no need for the paranormal to have fun. It’s the beginning of a time to remember the Holy One’s who have gone before us, and as such is when the Devil wants to get us the most. Stay vigilant, and have a good time. Happy Halloween!

Editor’s Note: Yes, you have my permission to upload the video. 🙂

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