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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 39: We Are Easter People

We are indeed Easter people! Mama and Daddy dive deeply into this most wonderful time of the year (sorry Andy Williams, but the solemnity of Easter is the highest day of celebration for Catholics). Because Easter is so important, we want to celebrate it for fifty days. I mean, if you could celebrate your birthday for that long, wouldn’t you? I certainly would! As an Easter people, it is our job to bring joy to others. The LORD is risen! Hip hip hooray! Technically, alleluia, instead of hip hip hooray. God gave us this big celebration after a slightly shorter Lent because we are celebrating the coming of the bridegroom. Fasting before the feast, like many people do on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. During this Easter season, be an Easter people! Celebrate! Woo-hoo!

You can visit our Easter resources page for more on the solemnity of Easter!

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