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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 114: What Are Good Works

There is a gnawing question for Catholics and a point of contention Protestants have with us concerning good works. So, having been asked “What Are Good Works?” by our listener, former Protestant Debra, Beth and I took to the streets to explore the question, the reasoning behind the answer, and that nagging idea about whether or not good works are necessary for our salvation. Beth points out shortly after we began walking that I did one inadvertently – woohoo! – and we finish with pointing out that our brothers and sisters in Christ are actually known for their good works. And, of course, I have to throw some Monty Python into the mix.

Minus the singing of They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love, for which I now apologize, Beth and I get into the weeds on this topic because that’s where you and I are, with our boots on the ground in that daily practice of our Catholic Faith.

We discuss what types of works are “good” and what is “work,” and we give you quite a bit of biblical reference, as well, which we encourage you to look up with the link in the reference section below.

Love is an action. It is a verb, and so by our Love they WILL know we are Christians – or if we are just a lot of talk and a badge – to quote The Untouchables. ~Kristofer

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“Works” in the New American Bible (Revised Edition) – 213 instances! Note the last one listed, in Revelation, and what happens if we do not repent of our evil works. If bad ones count in the end, why not good? Yeah, we cover that…

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