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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 103: What are Sacraments

What are Sacraments? Why do we have them? Where did they come from? In this episode of On the Road to Perfection, Beth and Kristofer take a moment to talk about these seven very important parts of the Catholic Faith.

The Sacraments are Grace-filling, and help us prevent sin. We must take each of them seriously.

Beth and Kristofer are well-versed in this topic, and have been teaching on them for years. They define the difference between sign and symbol, they discuss the three separate types of sacraments, and define what they are.

There are rites for each of them, and Beth and Kristofer discuss each of these rites and their forms and matters. Beth and Kristofer do a wonderful job of giving an overview of the Sacraments in this episode, and look forward to our Sacraments series coming soon!

Here’s the Hail Mary Infographic. As well as the Hail Mary Podcast in which we discuss Grace. As well as the Life in Christ section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.