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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 81: What Is Lent?

What is Lent? Well, it certainly is not the definition we give at the beginning, when Kristofer does his best impression of Archie Bunker.


16:39 Grace Episode
20:05 Lenten Resources


Lent Resources
Grace – Episode 12

On the surface, “What is Lent?” may seem a silly question. Doesn’t everybody know? It’s that time of year that Catholics give up chocolate, right?

Well, okay, lots do. But why? And who made it up?

In this episode, Beth and Kristofer explore the origins, purpose, and meaning of this time of year in the Catholic faith and liturgical calendar, and why it should be, and is, more than just giving something up.

The Lenten fast stems from Jesus doing it first. Seriously – we think giving up chocolate or television shows is hard for forty days – try fasting in the desert for forty days!

We talk about what Lent is and is not. We cover the pillars of Lent, giving you a hint and taste of what we plan to talk about over these four weeks before the Season starts, so you can prepare for Lent before it sneaks up on you.

What Lent is can be very personal while at the same time is a global community of believers striving to get closer to God by being more intent on their relationship with Him.

We give concrete ideas citations, quotes, and leads to resources in this episode, to help you prepare for Lent and also help you answer when someone asks you what it is. That question usually follows pretty quickly after they see the black cross on our foreheads, so we might as well be prepared to answer. In that way not only will we be answering what we are celebrating and observing, but also evangelizing with knowledge and love, introducing the questioner to Our Lord and what it means to be Catholic.

What Lent means to you will fundamentally change and grow as you participate in these next few weeks with us.

So, what is Lent? Perhaps it is best summed up in the last prayerful words in this episode…