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What Is Love? Tools And Resources

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Chastity, Dad, Help, Husband, Love, Man, Nick's Notes

If you haven’t noticed, this topic of Love and Sexuality is very important to me, and I know I have a calling to share an understanding of it that is helpful to anybody who finds it on the vast reaches of the Internet. Aside from my observation and instruction, I want to provide tools to you to further research and use to help align your Love with that of The Lord’s, no matter which Greek meaning you are struggling with or want to grow and develop in your life and the lives of those you influence.

Some of my articles planned for the future are below. They will be linked when they are published, but in case we forget, you can look for them in the tags or categories of this series. Also, be sure to check out the resources page of the web site, and follow the web site path for Vocations, the Twelve Righteous Virtues, and Perfection.


  • In future articles, I wish to develop in greater detail the romantic love imagery in the Mass; how we can apply to our personal lives the spiritual truths of God’s love for us; and how we can grow closer to Christ.
  • Keep an eye out for a set of articles in a different series that I will publish expanding in further detail on feminine beauty from a male perspective, and the distinction between the genders.
  • It is my plan in future independent articles, to develop in more detail tips on how a man can pray the spiritual form of romantic love.

Tell me what Love is to you?


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Nicholas Kovacs, OFS

Nicholas Kovacs, OFS

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