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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 147: Why Do We Believe In and Follow Church Teachings?

Beth and Kristofer answer the question and right from the beginning explain where we can find the answer about the Truth of Church Teachings. Kristofer explains his own revelation that God gave him, and they discuss the Magisterial infallibility and when it is infallible. They give us some ways to defend our faith and what we’re to do if we disagree with something the Church teaches. And after a long absence, their neighbor Larry rides by and says hello.

Beth discusses that when we don’t understand things, we search for the answer. There is a reason why we do believe in and follow Church Teachings. They explain what separates the Catholic Church from Protestant Christians, and why we are the One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church.


Here’s our episode on The Magisterium.
Here is the bible verse for the foundation of the Church instituted by Christ: Matthew 16:18
Here is Father Will’s Holy Thursday Homily. Please pray for him and all priests. They need it, too!

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