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On The Road To Perfection
Episode 67: Why Does the Catholic Church Have Saints

Saints are awesome! The saints give us human beings something to aspire to. Saints show us that we can achieve heaven. I mean, Jesus was the perfect human, the New Adam; saints, on the other hand, led rough lives, Ignatius Loyola, Dominic Savio, and Simon Peter all had obvious and serious problems. Conquistadors, blacksmith’s sons, and fishermen are not extraordinary occupations, but what they did was extraordinary. Even if they only lived for thirteen years like Maria Goretti, or if they spent most of their lives in immorality, like Augustine of Hippo. This episode has Mom and Dad getting into how we can all be saints and why the Catholic Church has saints.

God wants saints, he wants you to be a saint, he wants me to be a saint. Everyone is called to holiness, but God forces no one to choose him. See our first episode for On the Road to Perfection.

How do we become saints? Mother Teresa suggested starting with the Beatitudes. Thérèse of Lisieux had he “little way.” For those of us who lack the gift of humility or are gifted with a thirst for righteousness, I suggest looking at St. Paul or Maximilian Kolbe, respectively. We are called to emulate the saints, but we are not all called to write a Summa Theologica or tear down an Iron Curtain. Thomas Aquinas and John Paul the Great already have those bases covered.

As you can see, we have a lot of saints, you could write a lives of the saints book with the names I’ve mentioned. You can listen to the Our Saints podcast, the, Saints podcast, the Mary Podcast, and our Maximilian Kolbe blog.

Finally, a good resource for the system of Canonization is “Forget Not Love”: The Story of Maximilian Kolbe. Okay, I went a little overboard with the Maximilian references, but they say write what you know.

Know any other saints? want someone to be canonized? Looking for a patron saint? Use the comment section below!